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Pro•Tec™UV Gel System
Professional Gel Kit:

The Ultimate UV Gel System For The Next Century
• Superior performance with easy application
• Complete natural wear
• Extreme adhesion with maximum strength
• Perfect viscosity for all uses
• Virtually self leveling with super clarity &
high gloss finish.

This professional kit features everything you need to create beautiful, natural looking nails without odor, access dust or burning sensation. Pro•Tec gels are formulated with perfect consistency for easy application and longer wear. When Pro•Tec gels are applied properly they will not lift or crack, resulting in durable nails.

Professional Gel Kit Item#PTSK01
1/2oz Sculpting Clear Gel
1/2oz Sculpting Baby Pink Gel
1/2oz Sculpting Ultra White Gel
1/2oz Clear Gel
1/2oz PrimeX Bonder
8oz Gel Cleanser
LECHAT Retractable Gel Brush
30 - 2-Way Nail Forms
30 - 2x2 Lint Free Wipes

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Pro•Tec™ is a trademark of LeChat R&D

Pro•Tec™ UV Gel System Open Stock

Clear Gel
Form nails as thin as you like while maintaining strength, clarity, shine, flexibility with extreme adhesion & fast curing time.

Sculpting Gel
Perfect consistency for a more controlled application. Build to create a strong foundation to nails.
.125 oz.
.50 oz.
2.0 oz
4.0 oz.
8.0 oz.
3.7 ml
15 ml
59 ml
118 ml
237 ml
PTGCL1 (sample size)

Gel Cleanser
A multi purpose solution used to remove tacky gel residue, eliminate moisture on nail bed and provide a deep clean to hands and feet.

8.0 oz. 237 ml PTGC08
PrimeX Bonder
An odorless, acid free nail dehydrator. Great for promoting nail adhesion on all artificial nail enhancements by removing excess moisture.

Camouflage Color Collection
Includes 6 camouflage colors 1/2oz jars

Item # PTCMK01

Camouflage Colors Sculpting Gel
Designed to camouflage imperfections and disclolrations of natural nail bed.

.50 oz. 15 ml PTPX01
Top Gel Sealer (Clear)
An excellent non-yellowing, UV protected, acetone resistant sealer that provides strength and high shine.
.50 oz.
4.0 oz.
15 ml
118 ml
    Painters Liquid Gel (Ultra White)
Easy Smooth application, Brush on technique, Quick setting, Save time, Perfect white consistency, Flawless thin crisp french smile line.
.50 oz.   15 ml PTPG01

Non-Cleansing Gel Top

It’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Save time while protecting your clients nails with a superior gloss that last! Simply Apply and UV Dry.

No Cleansing
No Buffing
No Tacky Residue
• Superior Shine
• Acetone Resistant

Available in 6 Popular Natural French Colors:

Step-by-step instructions

Pro•Tec™ is a trademark of LeChat R&DProTec Openmore Nail systems

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